Owonrin Meji

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In the fixed order of Orunmila, Owonrin-Meji occupies the sixth position.

Esoteric representation of Owonrin Meji is two triangles surrounding three points which symbolizes the invisible forces that create mixture in the universe. It is an image to use as the bases of Ifa numerology. Dangerous sign, it is an indication of persistent drought, famine, and lingering disease. In Owonrin-Meji people are laughing at you. In this odu children would be disposed to be physicians or electricians. Strainer — Aliases “Lest we forget the primacy of earth” A need to be balanced — A need to be humble! Talks about a person that cursed someone and that curse came back to them. Victory over one’s many enemies! Tendency to make impossible and unreasonable demands.

Child killing his own mother Friends in heaven wants to take you away from earth. Material possessions overrule honor “Reverse Head” This Odu incarnates great profits .Image of seeing your destiny and moving straight towards it without faltering. The most esoteric of all rituals/sacrifices is feasting the multitude and looking for positive public opinion. Realize that even though it is not easy to change one’s destiny, all the same, it is not impossible to do so

“It is not as the size of a tree that the spirit inside is like”

Hand presses down heavily upon me, the invisible worm walks crookedly within me, Broom song: Sweep out, out upon the road, cleanse me. You slapped my ears, I never slapped you back; You butted me with your head, I uttered not a word or reacted. Edumare (Olodumare/The Almighty) will query you as to what I took of you! Was Oracle’s divination for Awonrinwon (Iguana) Who would order his affairs peacefully. Awonrinwon is the sage of peace Who would conduct; his cult in submission. Thus I bow myself in submissiveness.

“Where is money to be found, oh?””Money is to be found among one’s own followers, oh””Money is to be found among one’s own followers, oh.”

The elders of Oyo were told to make sacrifice, but they ignored it. I was told to make similar sacrifice, I listened and did the sacrifice. I missed my steps and survived because I made sacrifice. Others missed their steps and died because they failed to make sacrifice. Those who make sacrifice unfailingly receive salvation.

Gooro-maafiyun, Gooro-maafibo divined for animals, when they were going on a journey. They were all advised to sacrifice: Black cloth, they refused to make sacrifice. It was only the cat that heeded this advice: on reaching their destination, they encountered the witches who devoured all who refused to sacrifice their black cloth. They saw the Cat afar off with black cloth on. His eyes were four- like theirs, as such, the witches decided not to kill him for food because he was one of them. When the cat was returning home he sang thus: Gooromaafiyun, Gooromaafibo……..
It is important for people to resist the urge to ventilate their domestic grievances in public; for fear that some evil minded listener may amplify it in the witch-world.


Irosun Meji

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In the fixed order of Orunmila, Irosun-Meji occupies the fifth position.

The esoteric representation Irosun Meji is a hole which symbolizes the possibility of accidents and misfortune. It is an image of the need to embrace caution. In Irosun-Meji you are inclined to do things the hard way. In heaven Irosun-Meji was called “the man who can alter the course of death “Physical body element = Blood, liver and arteries This odu children would be disposed to be secretaries or journalists. Conquers the pitfalls of others. A lot of disappointments are caused by bad organization of the life. Cautious behavior would take person through difficult times with abundance. Pay iba (homage) to ancestors to preserve their wisdom. Irosun is things that have not surfaced yet. Death before Dishonor

Mirror, no matter how big cannot be used to perceive one’s image for the future. This is the proclamation of the Babalawo to the mirror addict when longing for all the good things of life. She was asked to offer sacrifice. She complied. There is no other true mirror than one’s child. One’s child is the truest mirror one can get. Ifa says the lady is too fashion-conscious. It is not advisable to marry her unless she is prepared to change her attitude to life. She must start to think of settling down and getting married in order for her to have her own children instead of concentrating on how to look good and smell nice alone.

Tribulations befalling a sage are not for life; poverty of a sage will give way for prosperity. Before long the experience will be relayed with happiness and laughter

Eji Ogbe/ Ogbe Meji


In the fixed order of Orunmila, EjiOgbe occupies the first position.

EjiOgbe symbolizes all that is known and unknown in the universe. It is an image of all those forces that create the day. The White Hole — The Light EjiOgbe is the sign of life — A vigorous awakening! EjiOgbe rules the head — Facing East Physical element = Water…Water takes the precedence of all the other elements. It is recognized as “The Father of the Elements.”Physical body element = Brains and Nerves This odu children would be disposed to be Travelers, Pioneers, sailors or heads of organizations. This Odu denotes plenty of good and plenty of evil. Artistic creations EjiOgbe expresses a need to acquire wisdom and humility. Represents perfect alignment between the Ori and Ipori. Maintain high ethical standards which will be rewarded with enlightenment and abundance. Time heals the pain of any matter. We have cut off our own head to make us grow, like the banana tree. The hands belong to the body, the feet belong to the body. Victory over enemies, spiritual awakenings, long life, and peace of mind. In EjiOgbe barren women are blessed with children after sacrifice!

Two words have spoken, Two tasks have given themselves to me, The road is open
Good medicine stays!Told a certain person way back when tears of compassion refused the curse of barrenness that she should take a long-necked jar, and when her sacrifice was done go to the place where water seeps slowly, slowly until the womb is full. She sipped the dreaming water and they called her child Osun, generous river. Ifa says to sacrifice is beneficial, nothing waits for nothing good. Come and see my bouncing newborn baby at the foot of Orisa!

Story… of how Ori (head) was the only divinity that broke the kola nuts that Orunmila kept at his shrine. Ori wish was for a permanent abode (home) and plenty of followers. Upon hearing the news of the finally broken Kola nuts, all the other divinities agreed, (since they all tried to break the nuts) that the “Head” was the right divinity to the Kola nuts. Almost immediately the hand, feet, body, stomach, chest, neck etc, each of which before then had distinct identities, all assembled and decided to go and live with the Head. Together, they all carried the Head high above as the king of the body. It is on account of the role played by Orunmila in his fortune that the head touches the ground to defer and revere to Orunmila to this day.

The benevolence of the young EjiOgbe made him so popular that his house was streaming with callers night and day. He healed the sick, made sacrifice for paupers to become rich, helped the barren to have children and safely delivered all pregnant women who demanded his assistance. These activities earned him admiration from the beneficiaries of his magnanimity. He also developed enemies that were envious and plotted against him. EjiOgbe went for divination and was told to make sacrifice to his Ifa with a basket of snails. EjiOgbe’s Awos collected Ero leaves and mashed them in the snails’ liquid for EjiOgbe to bath with. After the sacrifice he began to live a peaceful life. Death held me and left me. Sickness tried me and left me. No one eats tortoise along with its shell. No one eats a Ram together with its horns. The shell of the snail is kept after eating its meat. I have survived the evil plans of my enemies.

Serious minded people do not listen to the bird singing the songs of woe; difficulties and problems bring out the best in man; Patience and sacrifice make the impossible to become possible; Give me a difficult problem to solve that doubters may believe; Give me a war to wage that mortals may appreciate the strength of divinities; To learn from past misfortunes is to be wise; Not to learn from previous mistakes is folly; The person who fails to make sacrifice vindicates the diviner; Just as the one who ignores advice turns the adviser to a seer. The man who learns from quarrels and the man who does not learn from quarrels were the two surrogates of EjiOgbe who made divination for the land of Quarrels.