The House of Obatala is a peaceful, welcoming metaphysical center where all spiritual paths are honored. We specialized in Ifa, Vodun and Bantu spiritual paths. We offer a range of reading material to better help you on your way to self-enlightenment.

The House of Obatala was founded 2012.  Collectively we hold over 20+ years of experience and knowledge. We have only one guiding principle, that “All things are connected”. Our mission is to provide knowledge of and respect for diverse philosophies and spiritual paths. Our philosophy is Iwa Pele; good character! We are here to serve you in your quest for wisdom, happiness, and well-being, and to provide a sense of supportive community for your journey.

The House of Obatala also will offer different services and supplies soon. Our first mission is to spread knowledge, followed by supplying you with the materials you would need to succeed. No hurdle is too big and no question is too small. Feel free to contact us at any time.